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Breaking News! BELIEVE IT OR NOT! Lost Writings Found From the Founder and Person Who Coined the Phrase "United States of America", Thomas Paine

Quotes by Thomas Paine

"The American constitutions were to liberty what a grammar is to language: they define its parts of speech, and practically construct them into syntax."


Frame 1:36 - 1:55

WTF! Harry Reid's bodyguard attacks "Crapitalism" author

How Did The Cat Get So Fat?

Until The End of Time

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Breaking! "Watch Words". We've discovered a letter from Gouverneur Morris (Penman of the US Constitution in 1787) written in 1774 to Thomas Penn (son or William Penn) . Take a look here. We will be discussing the implications of this letter shortly.

Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world... Are ones who do. -Steve Jobs, Apple

To the People of Arizona, You can stop this. Breaking! It seems from research the only place on earth where "the people" can suggest amendments to a constitution and vote on them directly is in the State of Arizona. This is how our Original Constitution of 1776 was set up - see here (Original Constitution), and here (Arizona State Constitution) ARTICLE XXI. MODE OF AMENDING, Section 1 and 2. And here.

The incident occurs in second :22 of the footage below.

California Highway Patrol 2014: UPDATE: BUSTED!

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Submitted by Mike Rivero

Judicial Watch's Farrell: Obama 'Orchestrated' Border Crisis

The Obama administration "orchestrated" the crush of children crossing the U.S.-Mexico border, signing contracts with social services groups to care for them many months earlier, says Chris Farrell, director of investigations for the government watchdog group Judicial Watch.

"We have extraordinary sources.... It's for real, it's solid," Farrell said Wednesday on "The Steve Malzberg Show" on Newsmax TV.

Submitted by Mike Rivero

Forget a good crunch - this apple has a built-in FIZZ: Experts crea…

The world's first 'sparkling' apple that fizzes in the mouth when eaten has been created.

Huge cells in the flesh of the brand new variety called Paradis Sparkling, release effervescent juices that is akin to having a mouthful of fizzy drink.

The sensation is only experienced when the apple is bitten into and its juices are not sparkling when pressed.

Submitted by Mike Rivero

Ferguson shooting autopsy report released as panicking Dems race-bait

As the Georgia Democrats attempt to use the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, to get angry black voters to the polls in what many are calling a "disgusting example of race-baiting for political gain," the release of the 18-year old Brown's autopsy appears to support Police Officer Darren Wilson's claims: that a physical scuffle occurred inside Wilson's car as he struggled with the 6'8" tall, 300-pounder for Wilson's service weapon.
Victim Michael Brown (left) and Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson
Victim Michael Brown (left) and Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson
Courtesy Police and Security News

Michael Brown's official autopsy reveals that the teenager received a gunshot to his hand at close range during his altercation with the Ferguson police officer who ended up killing him, experts said in the autopsy report. The medical examiner's autopsy and toxicology reports also indicates that Brown had, as was suspected, ingested marijuana.

Submitted by alexmark

Washington?s Worst Waste: $25B for Political Perks

Submitted by WUFYS

Irish senate agrees to recognise Palestine as an independent state

The Seanad (Senate) is now calling on the Dáil (the lower house) to do the same.

Submitted by 1newsjunkie

Video - SWAT Officers Wrongfully Detain This Man For Filming in Pub…

Submitted by 1newsjunkie

Doctor Assaulted by Police at Dying Son?s Birthday, Tasered so Many…

Submitted by 1newsjunkie

Man Brutalized & Stopped Over 20 Times in 5 Weeks by Cops Mistaking Him for Murderer

Having a doppelganger can be risky business in a police state, just ask James Tully of Canadensis, Pennsylvania.

Submitted by 1newsjunkie

Media grills White House on plan to print 34 million immigrant ID's

WH to Reporters Asking About Green Card 'Paper' Supplies

Submitted by Cactus Moon

Back to the Bashing

After a brief sanity break, Western governments have returned to their usual "blame Israel" stance.

Western views toward Israel have returned to Kafkaesque normalcy after a brief break for sanity, as the United States now argues that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is making Islamic State group recruiting easier, and Europe punishes Israel and rewards the Palestinians for their ongoing conflict.

Note: Had Enough Yet!

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