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Everyone Has That One Person They Would Help No Matter What. Think about it.


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Breaking! "Watch Words". We've discovered a letter from Gouverneur Morris (Penman of the US Constitution in 1787) written in 1774 to Thomas Penn (son or William Penn) . Take a look here. We will be discussing the implications of this letter shortly.

Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world... Are ones who do. -Steve Jobs, Apple

To the People of Arizona, You can stop this. Breaking! It seems from research the only place on earth where "the people" can suggest amendments to a constitution and vote on them directly is in the State of Arizona. This is how our Original Constitution of 1776 was set up - see here (Original Constitution), and here (Arizona State Constitution) ARTICLE XXI. MODE OF AMENDING, Section 1 and 2. And here.

The incident occurs in second :22 of the footage below.

California Highway Patrol 2014: UPDATE: BUSTED!

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Submitted by malterwitty

Flashback - Obama Purges Another General: 20th Air Force Cdr Michae…

Submitted by firehorse

Goon Thugs and Gullible Conservatives ? Paul Craig Roberts

conclusion: It has long been known that power attracts bullies and psychopaths and that the less
accountable power is the more unrestrained its use will be. Given this fact, it is impossible to comprehend the stupidity of government that gave the go ahead to the militarization of the police. The police are taught that their lives are so important?exceptional lives?that no risk whatsoever must be taken with them, even when confronting elderly women and children.

The consequence of this training is to elevate the role of violence in police encounters. The police are trained to ensure that the citizen bears all the risks of a police confrontation even in instances in which citizens are incapable of harming the police.

In my opinion, it was a felony to train police to abuse their authority and the public. We need to find out who is responsible and to bring class action suits seeking restitution against the criminals who trained the police to become a deadly threat to the public.

Submitted by malterwitty

Antarctic sea ice growth does not negate climate change, scientists…

This year, Antarctic sea ice has expanded its frigid reach with unprecedented speed, setting records in June and July. By the time spring punctures the long Antarctic night, 2014 stands a decent chance of topping 2012 and 2013, which each broke records of maximum total ice extent.

In fact, since scientists started making satellite observations in the late 1970s, they have watched winter sea ice around Antarctica swell slowly but indisputably, despite predictions that it should shrink.

This poses a puzzle that climate scientists struggle to explain: How can sea ice grow in a warming world?

Submitted by malterwitty

Payday loan debt problems soar

THE number of people struggling to cope with payday loan debts has risen by more than 13,000 in the past year, figures show.

Debt charity StepChange said they dealt with 43,716 people in the first six months of this year, compared with 30,762 for the same period last year.

Submitted by malterwitty

IMF warns Ukraine may need extra US$19b in aid

The International Monetary Fund warned on Tuesday (Sep 2) that economically-devastated Ukraine may need an extra US$19 billion (?14.5 billion) in assistance should it fail to quell its brutal pro-Kremlin uprising by the end of next year.

The global lender said it was releasing the second US$1.39-billion tranche of its US$17.1-billion lifeline despite "major uncertainties" and on the assumption that the ex-Soviet country's Western allies would be ready to pitch in with extra assistance if asked.

"We are assuming that the conflict will begin to subside in the coming months," the Fund's European Department head Poul Thomsen said in his first review of Kiev's compliance with its reform and recovery programme.

"But the balance of risks appear to be tilted to the downside. If this assumption does not hold ... the programmes' viability could hinge on larger assistance from Ukraine's international partners."

Submitted by malterwitty

The Chart Obama Does Not Want Merkel To See

When does Europe draw its own red line around Obama's sanctions?

Submitted by Elias

?I want to cut your throat?: Galloway beaten by pro-Israeli fanatic…

In his first TV interview after release from hospital, British MP George Galloway told RT he is surprised by the lack of condemnation from other UK politicians of the brutal attack on him. The assault by a pro-Israeli man left Galloway in much pain.

Submitted by MTJ

Halliburton reaches $1.1bn settlement over Deepwater Horizon oil spill

Halliburton Co, North America?s top oilfield services provider, said it reached a $1.1bn settlement for a majority of claims related to its role in BP?s fatal oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010.

The settlement, which includes legal fees, is subject to approval by the US District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana, Halliburton said.

Submitted by alexmark

Use World War II Strategy For ISIS And Do Hiroshima For The Damn An…

Submitted by malterwitty

The Morning After: What Happens When A Government Destroys Its Curr…

Imagine this scene:

?Everyone in the country was in shock. People?s net worth had devalued more than 53% overnight.?

?The value in savings accounts dropped in half and neither merchants nor consumers knew how to react because they had never been through something like it before??

This is how an American business executive described living through Mexico?s devaluation of the peso exactly 38 years ago on September 1, 1976.

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