Why Trust a Crew of Pirates With Your Postage?

We're not like any other shipping software, and it's not just because we're free! Here's a few other reasons to start shippin' like a pirate:

We're the only shipping software built by batch shippers

Our crew has founded dozens of subscription boxes, and we tried every shipping software out there. They're all the same: a pain in the peg-leg! So we set out with everything we learned to design software that makes shipping fun.

We're breaking all the rules

Who decided that shipping software has to be boring to be useful? Or that you have to pay monthly fees? Maybe it's just because we're shippers like you, but we think it should be fun & free.

We care about you, and we'll prove it

We learned about shipping the hard way, and we don't want anyone to make the same mistakes we did. That's why we're happy to spend hours with you on the phone or email, just give us a call. We'll leave no pirate behind!

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