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We're not like any other shipping software out there, and it's not just because we tell really great pirate jokes ☠️

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To be honest, we built Pirate Ship for ourselves...

When we started Pirate Ship back in 2014, we just wanted a simple way to access Commercial Pricing® for our own ecommerce businesses. But as more and more people started using our software, we realized that EVERYONE wants simple and cheap shipping.

We think shipping should be simple and cheap

We think it should be fun & free to buy USPS-approved postage at the cheapest rates available. That's why our software is simple to use, and it's why we don't charge any fees or add any markup. Pirate Ship is free forever, and there's no hidden costs or fine print gotchas.

We care about your success, and we'll prove it!

We learned about shipping the hard way, and we don't want anyone to make the same mistakes we made. That's why we're happy to give you advice, whether or not you decide to use our software. Just give us a shout!

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