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Pirate Ship offers the cheapest USPS rates with no monthly fees or hidden costs

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Pirate Ship's free shipping software lets you instantly buy USPS-approved postage online, which can save you up to 89% compared to the retail rates you'll get from the Post Office. 

You can print shipping labels from any kind of printer and just hand them to the mailman, skip the line dropping them off at your local Post Office, or schedule a free USPS pickup.

Just use our USPS shipping calculator to determine the cheapest way to ship your package. You can buy and print the postage in 3 simple steps, whether you're shipping just one package or thousands.

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Step 1: Measure

Measure your package's dimensions and weigh it.

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Step 2: Buy Postage

Use the postage calculator to determine the cheapest rate.

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Step 3: Hand to USPS

Print the shipping label, put it on the package, and hand it to USPS.

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