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Ship from any spreadsheet

If you've got address lists that you need to buy postage for, it's easy to upload any type of spreadsheet to Pirate Ship, no matter whether it's CSV, Excel XLS or XLSX, or Open Office ODS. Learn more...

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Cheapest Shopify shipping app

Pirate Ship is the cheapest Shopify shipping app, with the ability to view & sort all Unshipped orders, purchase postage at the cheapest rates, and automatically mark the orders as Shipped. Learn more...

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Cheapest Etsy shipping rates

Etsy doesn't offer the cheapest rates for every USPS service, and they also don't offer shipping services like Priority Mail Cubic that can save you money when shipping your Etsy orders. Learn more...

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Simple Subbly shipping

Connect Pirate Ship to Subbly to get instant access to the deepest shipping rate discounts available for your subscription box, including Priority Mail Cubic, with no monthly fees or hidden costs. Learn more...

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Free BigCommerce shipping app

Pirate Ship's free shipping software makes it easy to buy shipping labels for your BigCommerce orders at the cheapest USPS shipping rates possible, including secret services like Priority Mail Cubic. Learn more...

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Free WooCommerce shipping

Pirate Ship's free WooCommerce shipping integration lets you quickly import orders (including WooCommerce Subscription orders) and get the cheapest USPS shipping rates available with no fees or hidden costs. Learn more...

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Free Squarespace shipping software

Get access to the cheapest USPS shipping rates available with the only free shipping software integrated with Squarespace. Quickly buy shipping labels for your Squarespace orders. Learn more...

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Cheapest shipping for Cratejoy

Our Cratejoy shipping integration lets you can quickly search, filter, and sort your subscription's shipments into batches and purchase postage for them at the cheapest USPS rates available. Learn more...

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Cheaper shipping rates than eBay

With Pirate Ship's free eBay shipping software, you can quickly import your orders and access the cheapest shipping rates for all USPS shipping services with no fees or hidden costs. Learn more...

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The only Chargify shipping app

Pirate Ship's Chargify shipping integration lets you automate your shipping process and get the deepest shipping discounts available with no fees, minimums, or hidden costs. Learn more...

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Free Big Cartel shipping software

Connect Pirate Ship to your Big Cartel store to quickly buy shipping labels for your orders at the deepest USPS discounts available, and your Big Cartel store is synced so orders are automatically updated. Learn more...

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Free Ecwid shipping software

Sync your Ecwid orders with Pirate Ship to access the deepest USPS shipping discounts available. Pirate Ship is the only shipping software that connects to Ecwid that's 100% free, with no hidden costs or markup. Learn more...

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Cheaper Discogs shipping rates

With Pirate Ship's free Discogs shipping integration, you can quickly import your Discogs orders, buy shipping labels for Media Mail and secret services like Priority Mail Cubic, and save tons on international shipping. Learn more...

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Cheapest MoonClerk shipping

Integrate your MoonClerk store with Pirate Ship to quickly buy shipping labels for your recurring subscriptions. Access the cheapest USPS rates available, and save tons of time & money with Pirate Ship. Learn more...

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