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Get Commercial Pricing® with no markup or fees, and buy and print your shipping labels with software designed for batch shipping.

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Pirate Ship is built for buying batches of shipping labels at the lowest USPS® rates available

If you’ve got hundreds or even thousands of rewards to fulfill, there’s no need to be intimidated by the idea of shipping them. Instead, there’s just three things to know:

  1. USPS is the cheapest way to ship small packages
  2. Pirate Ship offers the deepest discounts available for USPS
  3. Pirate Ship was built for batch shipping from spreadsheet exports, which makes Kickstarter reward fulfillment simple!

All you need is a $20 postage scale, a ruler or tape measurer, and a printer. You can use a regular desktop printer, or buy a label printer that prints 4x6" labels. Here's the best shipping scales and label printers.

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Just drag’n’drop your spreadsheet lists from Kickstarter

Creating batches of shipping labels for Kickstarter rewards is super easy with Pirate Ship. Just export your backer data from Kickstarter, separate them into a spreadsheet for each batch of identical rewards, and upload the spreadsheets to Pirate Ship. You can learn more about shipping from spreadsheets here.

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Pirate Ship is 100% free, with no monthly fees or commitments

Whether you’re going to be shipping constantly, or you're just shipping these rewards out once, there’s no need to sign up for software that will keep on billing you. We pass-through the cheapest shipping rates USPS offers, Commercial Pricing, with no monthly fees or extra costs. Just pay the actual postage price as you go, with no need for commitments.

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