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Free shipping software to save up to 89% off USPS® and UPS® shipping rates

Buy and print USPS and UPS-certified shipping labels in 3 simple steps, whether you're shipping just one package or thousands.

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1: Measure & Weigh 📏

Measure your package's dimensions and weigh it.

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2: Buy Shipping Label 🖨

Enter the package details and address to buy the postage.

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3: Hand to USPS or UPS 👋

Print the shipping label, put it on the package, and you're done!

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Watch this quick video to see how to get the cheapest shipping rates:

Got a single package to ship? No problem!

Pirate Ship makes shipping single packages simple with a one-step form. You can even copy/paste entire addresses instead of typing them in!

Import your ecommerce orders to buy shipping labels

Connect eBay, Etsy, Shopify, WooCommerce, Cratejoy, and many more to import orders and the tracking information is automatically sent back to your store.

Turn any type of spreadsheet into shipping labels

Upload addresses using Pirate Ship's simple spreadsheet shipping. No special format is required, with support for everything from CSV and ODS to XLS and XLSX files.

Optimized for subscription boxes & batch shippers

If you're a subscription box, crowdfunding campaign, or just ship lots of packages, there's no easier way to buy labels than with our batch workflow.

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Shipping Label Printer with a Priority Mail postage label

Print UPS and USPS shipping labels with any kind of printer, from any computer or device

Discounted Priority Mail shipping labels
  • 🧾

    Print UPS and USPS labels with any kind of printer

    Use any type of desktop or label printer to print shipping labels at home or the office.

  • 📏

    Support for printing 2x7" or 4x6" shipping labels

    Pirate Ship offers standard 4x6" shipping labels, or 2x7" for small direct thermal label printers (USPS-only).

  • 👍

    Multiple shipping label file formats available

    Generate UPS or USPS labels in either PDF or ZPL file format for label printers, or with 2-up versions for desktop printers.

  • 🔗

    Share your labels through a private share link

    Generate a private link to share labels with your customers or fulfillment center, so they can choose how to print.

Fast and reliable shipping software built for modern ecommerce businesses

  • 💻

    Web-based shipping software that's always ready

    There's nothing to download or install. Buy postage or track your shipments on any computer, phone, or tablet.

  • 💡

    It's simple to choose the right shipping service

    Don't know which shipping service to use? No problem! Pirate Ship makes it easy to pick the cheapest or fastest.

  • 🚚

    Skip waiting in line or schedule a pickup

    Drop your packages off at the Post Office or UPS location, hand them to a delivery person, or schedule a pickup.

  • 💥

    Create return labels for easy returns

    Need your customers to ship something back? Create return labels that you won't pay for unless they get used.

  • 🗺

    Keep track of your packages from start to finish

    Stay on top of where your packages are. Easily search your shipments and view UPS and USPS tracking status updates.

  • 💰

    Pay with any credit card or instant bank transfer

    You only purchase postage as you go, so there's no need to preload your account or carry a balance unless you want to.

  • ✉️

    Create USPS End-of-Day SCAN forms

    Let USPS scan all your packages in at once by printing SCAN forms for the entire day's labels or by batch.

  • 📜

    Integrated shipment reports and receipts

    Search & filter your shipping history, and export payment or transaction data for your records.

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Powerful features designed to make buying and printing shipping labels simple

Automatic address validation & correction

Every address is validated with the USPS-certified address database and automatically corrected if it isn't formatted perfectly to ensure speedy delivery.

Unlimited label batch sizes and simultaneous batches

If you're shipping huge batches, the last thing you need is a cap on batch size. Pirate Ship can process unlimited amounts of labels and batches at the same time.

Schedule when you want tracking emails to be sent

Create multiple shipment notification email templates and schedule when you’d like them to be sent to your recipients, so they get notified at the right time.

Saved addresses & address auto-complete

Pirate Ship remembers addresses you’ve shipped to previously, and uses the Google Maps global address database to suggest new addresses as you type.

Save presets for frequently shipped packages

Create your own custom package presets to save settings for your most common shipments. Use package presets on both single labels and batches to save time.

Easy international shipping & customs forms

International shipping is simple with integrated customs forms and the ability to process batches with domestic & international addresses at the same time.

USPS Priority Mail postage labels

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