Turn Shipping From an Hours-Long Chore Into a Fun Few Seconds

Pirate Ship is simple and fun no matter how many packages you're shipping, but it's the only software that's built specifically for batch shipping. If you're a subscription box, crowdfunded product, or any business that ships lots of identical packages, there's no easier way to buy batches of shipping labels!

Our Subscription History:

Import Addresses From Integrations or Spreadsheets

Import orders with just one click from integrated subscription platforms, or simply drag'n'drop any type of order export spreadsheet—you can import it into Pirate Ship without editing the file! Create batches with unlimited amounts of shipping labels within a matter of seconds.

Single Shipments? No problem!

Are you just shipping one package? Pirate Ship makes it easier than ever by auto-completing addresses as you type, and remembering addresses you've shipped to before. Quickly send one-off shipments with ease.

Pirate Ship's Got Every Feature You Need

  • Built by shippers like you!
  • Browser-based: Nothing to Install or Configure
  • Automatic Address Validation & Correction
  • Saved Addresses & Address Auto-Complete
  • Package Presets for your Common Shipments
  • Generate Pay-on-Use Return Labels
  • Fully-Editable Shipment Notification Emails
  • Generate PDF Labels for Any Type of Printer
  • Schedule Tracking Emails for Any Date/Time
  • USPS Scan Forms
  • Import Addresses from Integrations or Any Type of Spreadsheet Address List
  • Mix Domestic & International Addresses
  • Easy Customs Declaration Forms
  • Print Extra Reference Information on Labels
  • USPS and 3rd Party Insurance
  • Easily Export Tracking Data
  • Easy Reporting & Receipts for ARrrr-counting
  • Unlimited Warehouses, Users, and Shipments
  • 24/7/365 Customer Support (in Pirate Talk!)

Discounted Rates & No Fees

We use Pirate Ship for our own businesses, which is why we offer the cheapest shipping rates available with no fees—we don't want to get swindled either! With Pirate Ship, there's no minimum volumes required and no monthly fees, and it only takes a minute to get set up and shipping... so there's no risk to come aboard and give us a try!