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#1 choice for subscription boxes: Import from Cratejoy, Shopify, or any spreadsheet

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Pirate Ship in 60 Seconds:

Shipping Made Easy-ARRRRRR!

Drinking & cursing are for happy hour, not scurvy shipping software. There's no faster way to turn your orders into shipping labels than Pirate Ship!

Save Your Booty with Discounted Rates

Keep more of your loot with the deepest shipping discounts available, with no monthly fees or transaction costs.

Create Labels Faster than a Cannon

Whether you're shipping 1 package or 1000 packages, Pirate Ship turns buying shipping labels from a pain-in-the-peg-leg to a fun few minutes.

Ahoy, Subscription Box Shippers!

We know your pain! We built Pirate Ship because we got sea-sick from using other shipping software for our own subscription services.

Three Reasons To Make Your Current Shipping Software Walk the Plank

They're making you pay an arm & a peg-leg with all their fees!
They're marking up your shipping rates like a bunch of scallywags!
Their scurvy shipping software ain't even easy to use!

We're a Jolly Crew Making Shipping Fun

Shipping shouldn't be hard! 

Or at least that's what we thought every time we needed to ship thousands of boxes for our own subscription services. All the software we tried was designed for traditional pick & pack ecommerce, where every order is unique... but since we were shipping nothing but big batches of identical boxes, that software wasted hours of our time.

That's why we built Pirate Ship! 

It turned buying batches of shipping labels from a chore into something we actually enjoyed. Pirate Ship is different than any other shipping software because it was made by people who know how painful shipping can be with the wrong software. Pirate Ship is designed to make shipping fun and easy!

Plus by consolidating volumes, we all get lower rates. 

While other shipping software companies markup their rates and nickel and dime you with fees, Pirate Ship is completely freeā€”and we also offer the lowest shipping rates available. We know Pirate Ship will be as useful for your shipping as it is for ours!


If you're just looking for the cheapest shipping rates for small packages, you've probably already figured out that the carriers treat anybody who's shipping less than 50,000 packages/year like a shrimp.

By consolidating your volume with other shippers, Pirate Ship can offer the deepest shipping discounts with no minimums, so your business can compete against the bigger fish and grow faster.

So what are you waiting for? Stop shipping like a shrimp!

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