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Save up to 88% on UPS Worldwide Expedited® with delivery within 2 to 5 business days

Worldwide Expedited is a great UPS service for less-urgent international shipments, with delivery for some shipments as fast as next business day.

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    Popular for shipments that aren't urgent

    UPS Worldwide Expedited is the ideal service for shipments that need speedy delivery but aren’t super time-sensitive.

  • Delivery in 2 to 5 business days

    UPS delivers Worldwide Expedited packages to in 2-to-5 days, depending on the destination.

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    Free package tracking included

    All UPS services include full door-to-door tracking, so you can keep track of your shipments from around the globe.

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    $100 insurance included for free

    All UPS labels bought with Pirate Ship automatically include $100 of insurance from UPS for free.

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    Exact delivery date and time estimates

    All UPS services offer exact delivery day & time estimates, so you'll know when your package will arrive.

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    Save up to 88% with Pirate Ship

    Buying Worldwide Expedited labels on Pirate Ship will save you up to 88% with the UPS Digital Access Program.

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Unlike other places that sell UPS postage online, Pirate Ship passes through discounted UPS Worldwide Expedited rates with absolutely no monthly fees or hidden costs—it's free!

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Keep your packages as small as possible to avoid dimensional weight pricing

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When your packages are large but relatively lightweight, you may be subject to dimensional weight (or “DIM” weight). Learn more about dimensional weight here.

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