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Shipping from spreadsheets doesn't get any simpler

No matter how many shipping addresses you have in a spreadsheet, Pirate Ship makes it simple to turn them into shipping labels. There's nothing to install or configure, just drag and drop your spreadsheet into our web-based software and you can buy and print shipping labels in seconds, whether you're just shipping one package or batch shipping thousands.

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Turn any CSV, ODS, or Excel spreadsheet into shipping labels

Pirate Ship supports uploading address data from CSV, ODS, XLS, and XLSX files. You can use any column headers, so long as each part of your address data is separated into columns, and each column has a header title.

Generally, whatever your ecommerce or order management platform exports by default should work perfectly. But if you're creating your own spreadsheet shipping template, it could look like this:

Street Address
Captain Blackbeard
111 Back Rd
Captain Kidd
5 Bay Ave
Oyster Bay
Those are the only required fields, and you can name them whatever you'd like!  


Pirate Ship supports uploading the following shipping data:

(Remember, you can use any title for each column)

  • Name*
  • Company
  • Address*
  • Address Line 2
  • Address Line 3
  • City*
  • State*
  • Zipcode*
  • Country
  • Email Address
  • Package Weight (in either Pounds or Ounces)
  • Package Length
  • Package Height
  • Package Width
  • Order ID
  • Rubber Stamp – You can map up to 3 fields to print in the corner of each label.
  • Passthrough – You can import as many data fields as you’d like just to have them available in an export from Pirate Ship. This can be helpful if you need certain identifying data when exporting the tracking numbers after shipping.
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Built by people who ship from spreadsheets 


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Before we built Pirate Ship, we tried every way to turn our spreadsheets into shipping labels.

Other shipping software only supports CSV files, which if opened in Excel lose the leading zeros in zipcodes, plus tracking numbers get turned into scientific notation.

Or, other shipping software forces you to use specific column names for your spreadsheet, which can drive you crazy when you’ve already got a perfectly fine export.

Or, they don't automatically remember what you did last time, forcing you to map columns over and over again.

Pirate Ship was built by people like you who’ve actually shipped with spreadsheets, so we solved all these problems and more. All you have to do is drag'n'drop!

Get the cheapest rates USPS offers, with no markup or fees

The United States Postal Service® offers 2 pricing tiers, Retail (what you pay if you walk into the Post Office or use USPS.com) and Commercial (the deepest discounts available). Pirate Ship passes-through the cheapest rates available for all services, Commercial Pricing.

There’s no markup, fees, or hidden costs, and it'll save you up to 89% compared to buying directly from USPS.

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