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The cheapest way to ship coffee

Bags of coffee are small but relatively heavy, and there’s no cheaper & faster way to ship them than with Priority Mail Cubic®

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Ship coffee with the right blend of speed & savings

Your customers keep coming back for your fresh roasted beans, so getting their orders to them as fast as possible is critical... but it can’t cost an arm and a peg-leg!

With Priority Mail Cubic your package will be delivered in 1-3 days, and the rates are only based on the dimensions of your shipping box, which can save you tons.

Cubic packages can weigh up to 20 pounds for no additional cost, which can create huge cost savings compared to other shipping services and boost your bottom line. That's why more coffee roasters choose Pirate Ship than any other shipping app.

You may have heard that Priority Mail Regional Rate® or Priority Mail Flat Rate® are good services to use for shipping coffee, but those services cost up to 57% more than using your own packaging with Priority Mail Cubic. Don't get fooled! Check out this comparison.

USPS® offers free boxes that you can use for Cubic shipping, but it's usually best to design your own packaging, not only to maximize your savings but to deliver a fully branded unboxing experience for your customers.

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Pirate Ship passes-through the deepest discounts USPS® offers and pre-negotiated UPS® rates

The Postal Service has 2 different pricing levels, Retail and Commercial, and the BELOW Commercial Pricing® that Pirate Ship offers are the deepest discounts you'll find for shipping coffee. In fact, you can save up to 89% off what it would cost if you paid at a Post Office.

With the UPS Digital Access Program Rates available on Pirate Ship you can save up to 86% off what it would normally cost.

Pirate Ship gives you access to the best rates possible for every USPS service and pre-negotiated UPS discounts with no markup, monthly fees, or hidden costs.

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Pirate Ship helps thousands of coffee companies with their shipping

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We love helping coffee companies keep their shipping fast and affordable.

With Pirate Ship you can even ship to territories like Puerto Rico or the US Virgin Islands with  quick and cheap 1-3 day delivery. Your customers will appreciate being able to get their coffee quickly, no matter where they are.

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