Our customer support isn’t just here to help, they’re here to make you lol 🤩

It says it printed--but it didn’t


Ahoy Captain 👋  What kind of printer are you using, and what seems to be the issue?


It printed the last few labels just fine

No lights are blinking...

Hmm 🤔 Usually if the lights aren’t working, the printer isn’t turned on or connected. Can you try restarting your printer and see if that works?

I will try that

Let us know if that works!

Ok. Printer is just sitting there looking pretty. No label.

*mutters darkly*

Wait! It’s making a noise



I might make it to the post office!


So glad it’s working for you now, Cap’n 😊

Have a gRRrreat rest of yer week, and smooth seas ahead ⚓️

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😍 People love Pirate Ship 😍

User friendly, reliable, great customer service, and HILARIOUS. Very happy.

Ruth on Facebook

That was the easiest way to ship a package I've yet seen. From signing up to printing a label was literally three minutes. And the rate was almost half of the standard USPS rate. Outstanding!

Eric on Facebook

This was easy to do, everything arrived quickly and in perfect condition. And a great price. I'm a happy camper - uh - buccaneer? whatever. 😀

Emm on Facebook

The most amazing self shipping company. The Best communication, prices, and its fun. 😀 Thank you so much.  Lifelong customer right here. Get on board mateys 😉

Gina on Facebook

Been using Pirate Ship daily for over two years after switching from Stamps and I've never looked back. I've shipped thousands of packages and have not had a SINGLE issue.

Amy on Facebook

The BEST site to use for shipping. Best international pricing and just so user friendly. I used to use Shipping Easy. They forced you to put $10 in your account at a time. At Pirate Ship you just pay for the shipping cost (I put it directly to my CC) and that's it. Honestly makes my life so much easier when selling online. They also have the fastest and most friendly customer service I've ever seen for anything. I hardly leave reviews but I had to for them. Thank you guys for everything. 😍

Yvonne on Facebook

I have been telling all my small business friends to "Become a Pirate"! Better rates... easy label printing, and address storage of previous customers!   Yargggg ye fellow pirates save me a lot of Loot

Lee on Facebook

Ahoy, I am a newbie at shipping stuff and Pirate Ship made it so simple for me. The customer service is out of this world and the pricing is spectacular! Absolutely recommend!

Kourtni on Facebook

I have had the most exceptional customer service ever. The website is easy to use, great rates! And I love the pirate theme chats lol. Very happy I chose y’all for the service.

Jolene on Facebook

Honestly, I don't know where my business would be without Pirate Ship. I've literally saved thousands of dollars, countless hours, and many a headache using this service but the best part is their commitment to customer service. They're always friendly, funny, and absolutely dedicated to solving your problem even if they're not at fault. In fact, I've modeled my own customer service after their approach and it's been so successful with my own clients. It's such a simple formula but so often overlooked by other companies. I'm excited to see this company evolve and thrilled to be part of their journey. Sail on, swashbucklers!

David on Facebook

We didn’t build this for you 😉

To be honest, we built Pirate Ship for ourselves. We just wanted a simple way to access the cheapest shipping rates for our own ecommerce business. But as more and more people started using our software, we realized that EVERYONE wants cheap shipping.

We think it should be fun & free to get the cheapest rates available. That's why our software is simple to use, and it's why we don't charge any fees or add any markup. Pirate Ship is free forever—there's no hidden costs or fine print gotchas. The carriers pay us to bring them business, so there's no need to charge you, too!

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