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Get USPS Commercial Plus Pricing® shipping rates with no fees

Access CPP pricing with no markup or fees to save the most possible when shipping with the United States Postal Service®

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    Get the deepest USPS® discounts

    Commercial Plus Pricing is the cheapest USPS® pricing, with savings of up to 89% off what you'd pay at the Post Office.

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    The only way to get CPP pricing with no fees

    Unlike other shipping software, Pirate Ship doesn't add markup or fees on top of CPP pricing, so it's totally free.

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    Create a free account to access Commercial Plus Pricing® within seconds, with no minimums, risks, or requirements.

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    When you use Pirate Ship you get access to all USPS® services, including Priority Mail Cubic® pricing.


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USPS Commercial Plus Pricing® shipping rates

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Unlike other shipping software, Pirate Ship passes through Commercial Plus Pricing® with absolutely no markup, label fees, or monthly costs. So you get the deepest discounts that USPS® offers commercial shippers, but with no volume commitments or additional costs.

USPS® rates come in 3 pricing tiers:

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  1. Retail Pricing is the most expensive shipping rate pricing tier, and it’s what you’ll pay if you purchase postage directly from USPS® at the Post Office or on
  2. Commercial Base Pricing® (also known as CBP pricing) is the discounted pricing you’ll receive by using traditional shipping software, with savings of up to 39% compared to retail prices.
  3. Commercial Plus Pricing® (also known as CPP pricing) is the most discounted shipping rates USPS® offers, with savings of up to 89% for small packages through a secret service this pricing level unlocks, Priority Mail Cubic®.

Some USPS® shipping services (like First Class Package®) only have two pricing tiers; Retail and Commercial. Other services (like Media Mail®) do not have any discounts available. But no matter what shipping service you use, with Pirate Ship you'll get the the cheapest commercial rates USPS® offers, with no markup or fees.

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Get Commercial Plus Pricing® with no volume commitments or monthly fees

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To get Commercial Plus Pricing® directly from the United States Postal Service® you would need to ship at least 50,000 packages/year, go through a long contract and account setup process with USPS®, and then pay a middleman to provide software so you can buy postage with your account (USPS® doesn't provide any software for business shipping). 

On the other hand, Pirate Ship can give you the exact same Commercial Plus Pricing® rates within seconds, no matter how many packages you ship, by consolidating your volume with other small shippers. There are no monthly fees, label fees, or hidden costs of any kind. All you pay is the actual CPP cost for any USPS® postage that you want to purchase.

Pirate Ship is the only way to get CPP Pricing with no markup or fees

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While other shipping software claims they offer Commercial Plus Pricing®, if you look carefully at their rate sheets they’re actually adding up to 38% markup on top of the actual cost.

Adding markup makes those software companies a lot of money, but it makes it harder for startups and small shippers to compete with established ecommerce companies.

By passing through Commercial Plus Pricing® with no markup or fees, Pirate Ship gives you the highest volume discounts available with absolutely no markup, so you can save more and invest in growing your business faster.

Call us pirates, but we think the way other shipping software overcharges for USPS® services is greedy, with no benefit for small shippers or the Postal Service. Shipping costs are expensive enough as it is; you shouldn’t have to get nickel and dimed on top.

That’s why we work directly with USPS® to pass-through the deepest discounts available for all their shipping services with absolutely no extra costs. There’s no cheaper way to buy postage from USPS® than with Pirate Ship!

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