Parcel Select Ground Cubic


USPS merged Parcel Select Cubic into the new Ground Advantage name on July 9th, 2023

As of July 9th 2023, Parcel Select Ground has merged with First Class Package into the new Ground Advantage service. The way the service works remain the same, so it's really just the name that has changed.

The content on this page is outdated as of July 9th, 2023, and is just for historical information.

To see the up-to-date rates, go to the Ground Advantage page.


Max Any Dimension: 18" inches

Max Cubic Volume: 1 cubic ft

Max Weight: 20 pounds

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Get USPS Parcel Select Ground Cubic rates that are cheaper than Commercial Pricing

Unlike other software that sells USPS postage, Pirate Ship offers BELOW Commercial Pricing rates for Parcel Select Ground Cubic for shipments to and from the lower 48 states. There's no markup, fees, or monthly costs, so you get the deepest discounts for free.

Parcel Select Cubic isn’t available at the Post Office, where the comparable Retail service is called Retail Ground® and costs up to 88% more. Pirate Ship offers the deepest discounts available for Parcel Select Cubic.

Pirate Ship automatically rate shops between Cubic and Weight-Based rates for Parcel Select, so you'll always get the cheapest rate for your shipment.

Rates are only based on dimensions, not weight, so you can ship up to 20 pounds for no extra cost. The maximum dimension in any direction for Parcel Select Cubic is 18" inches, and the maximum cubic volume (Length x Width x Height / 1728) is 1 cubic foot. The price for your shipment depends on the size of your package, with 0.10 cu. ft. increments.

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