Priority Mail Regional Rate Box A

Priority Mail Regional Rate® is rarely cheaper than other USPS® services

You can ship comparably-sized packages with Priority Mail Cubic® and save up to $12 compared to Regional Rate

Priority Mail Regional Rate Box BShipping a pineapple with packing peanuts
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    Rarely cheaper than other Priority Mail® options

    Priority Mail Regional Rate is only cheaper than Priority Mail Cubic for zones 1-4 and weights heavier than 2-5 pounds.

  • Delivery in 1 to 3 business days

    USPS delivers Priority Mail Regional Rate packages to anywhere in the USA and its territories within 1 to 3 days.

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    Free package tracking included

    Priority Mail Regional Rate includes full tracking scans, so you will always know where your packages are.

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    $100 insurance included for free

    All Priority Mail Regional Rate postage bought with Pirate Ship includes $100 of USPS insurance for free.

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    Save up to 23% by using Pirate Ship

    If you have to, buying Regional Rate postage with Pirate Ship will save you up to 23% compared to retail prices.

USPS Regional Rate box

Here's why you shouldn't use Priority Mail Regional Rate

If you used your own comparably-sized packaging and shipped with Priority Mail Cubic instead of Regional Rate, you could get the same service standard for less.

Both sizes of Regional Rate Box A are just barely over 0.2 cubic feet. If you shipped a 0.2 tier box with Priority Mail Cubic, you would save up to 27% compared to Regional Rate.

Both sizes of Regional Rate Box B are just barely over 0.4 cubic feet. If you used your own packaging to ship a 0.4 cubic feet box with Priority Mail Cubic, you would save up to 28% compared to Regional Rate. If you resized your box down just a little to be in the 0.3 cubic feet pricing tier, you'd save even more!

Check out this chart comparing Priority Mail Regional Rate vs. Priority Mail Cubic.

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Priority Mail Regional Rate pricing

Unlike other places to buy USPS postage online, Pirate Ship passes through Commercial Pricing for Priority Mail Regional Rate with absolutely no markup, fees, or monthly costs. So you get the deepest discounts available for free, with no risks or commitments. 

USPS Temporary Holiday Rate Increase - October 3rd to December 26th, 2021
USPS is adding 25 cents to Zones 1-4 and 75 cents to Zones 5-9
Box Type
0-150 miles
L, 1 & 2
150-300 miles
Zone 3
300-600 miles
Zone 4
600-1000 miles
Zone 5
1000-1400 miles
Zone 6
1400-1800 miles
Zone 7
1800+ miles
Zone 8
Zone 9
Regional Rate Box A
Regional Rate Box B
USPS Regional Rate boxes

USPS Priority Mail Regional Rate comes in 4 sizes

Priority Mail Regional Rate requires you to use USPS-branded "Regional Rate" packaging, which come in 2 different pricing categories with 2 sizes each:

Priority Mail Regional Rate Box A1®

Outer dimensions: 10" x 7" x 5"
Maximum weight: 15 lbs

Priority Mail Regional Rate Box B1®

Outer dimensions: 12.25" x 10.5" x 5.5"
Maximum weight: 20 lbs

Priority Mail Regional Rate Box A2®

Outer dimensions: 11" x 2.5" x 13"
Maximum weight: 15 lbs

Priority Mail Regional Rate Box B2®

Outer dimensions: 14.5" x 3" x 16.25"
Maximum weight: 20 lbs

Pineapples in a Regional Rate box

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