Priority Mail Regional Rate


USPS discontinued the Priority Mail Regional Rate service on January 22nd, 2023

The Postal Service discontinued the Priority Mail Regional Rate service in 2023... but that's not a bad thing, because Regional Rate boxes were never cheaper than Priority Mail Cubic 😉

You can still use Regional Rate boxes if you've got any!

Although USPS discontinued the Regional Rate service and is no longer offering this type of packaging, if you still have some Regional Rate A or B boxes on hand you can use them just like any other free Priority Mail Mailing Box.

Just measure the outer dimensions of the package and weight it, select the "Box" package type in Pirate Ship, and enter the dimensions and weight. Make sure to select Priority Mail as the service, since you can only ship Priority Mail-branded packaging with Priority Mail.

We recommend cutting your box down to size to make sure you save the most possible!

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